imran Ullah
8 months agoSeptember 4, 2018
In our lab we also have fergie but does not able to get such a nice data always noisy and smaller in amplitude. I am sure in this experiment you are using open slit configuration.  we does not did wavelength calibration as asked in manual to do so with some specialized wave-length calibration instrument from princeton but we did resolution with mercury lamp. Is this essential to do such a calibration. what setting you recommend for region selection, full frame or frame transfer, and  read out time etc to get a smooth and pronounced raman spectrum.
8 months agoSeptember 4, 2018
Hello Imran. I would like Peng Zou, the FERGIE product manager, to contact you about your question so he can insure that your FERGIE is operating at peak performance. Please reply with your contact information or email me with it at dfbaum@princetoninstruments.com.  Thank you.
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